Standing Firm – Even in the Face of an Angry Sheriff! blog from 2/28/10

Divine appointment with an Angry Sheriff in the University Hospital, Wurzbach elevator. While visiting a friend in the hospital, I was in the elevator with another friend and gave my testimony pamphlet to lady with her hubby (in 40s). He looked stern, downloadactually quite angry, but she had a big smile!

The man said “I know you!” I said “you do? – where did we meet?” He said “in a restaurant – I’m a deputy sheriff” and sure enough (I looked it up in my notes) it was 3 mos earlier 5/2010 the day I went over to 4 deputies eating @ my favorite Chinese Rest Happy Guy – where I get into trouble a lot witnessing for the Lord (but I’m a good customer so they don’t stop me). The Holy Spirit led me to talk to them and tell them that I wanted to bless them for serving us and risking their lives. I handed each one my story with them and prayed for them. They were very receptive except Mr. Angry Sheriff. I believe one of them was a believer. I pray Mr. Angry sheriff comes to the Lord in Jesus’ name.

People WANT to hear YOUR Testimony!!! blog from February 2, 2012

It’s more FUN than you can every imagine!!

God’s telling me to STIR UP and FIRE UP CHRISTIANS. Some know I hand out my personally written salvation tracts (6 yrs & help others write theirs). Sometimes the Holy Ghost sets up 28 to 30 divine appointments IN A DAY. The first one prompts the next one when you realize PEOPLE WANT to know what miracles God can do in your life – Wow God!! I’m gonna share a divine setup in August 2010 that was Astounding. I’m going to change the names but I hope you find this as EXCITING as I did and GOD DID!

First lesson: Have fun with people!!!

Cato’s Clothes store in San Antonio – About noon – walked into Cato’s and there’s a big wall where you can’t see the customer or the people who work there (duh whose idea was that?) At some point I gave everybody my personal salvation story!

I started conversation with “when you yell hello it’s so funny! We can’t see you”. Then Joanie said “sometimes we say hello and a customer in front of us thinks we’re talking to her” – Nancy said “sometimes I shout hello and they’re leaving”. We were laughing so hard!

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I told them a story when I was at Church on the Rock in Rockwall Texas about when I was the receptionist and I got a call from a desperate parishioner and as I answered the line another parishioner stood before me – the person on the phone told me their problem and I said to them do you want to talk to a Pastor, the person in front of me was desperate and was sobbing and said yes. I thought What am I going to do? Both of them thinking I’m talking to them. Help GOD! All of a sudden a pastor came by and took the person standing there so the person in front of me never knew I wasn’t talking to her. They all laughed and thought that was great!

Then another young lady Betty with sparkly makeup came out and had filled her application for a job. She was a beautiful lively on-fire black sister; She said I hope I get it – I said let’s believe that the Lord will give it to you she was amening and prophesying all over the place (a bit squirrely but it was ok not quite scriptural). She said that she hasn’t found a home church but started to go to a church on Bandera Rd and feels the presence of the Lord – she’s from NY but also from Delaware and just moved here. 8/28 Found out from Nancy that Betty she got the job!

When Betty left Donna was behind us as I was talking to Nancy & Betty – no customers came in ALL DURING the time for about 35 minutes. I was asking them if they loved the Lord and both of them said yes – I asked them where they go to church and they both named different Catholic churches. I said that’s exciting – have you ever gone to a charismatic Catholic group and they both hadn’t. I wrote down some information about Prince of Peace’s Charismatic prayer group. (They have Holy Ghost anointed prayer meetings that will set you on fire! I’m going back soon – it’s Monday nights whoopee!) Then I asked them if they knew what the plan of salvation was so that they can know and be sure that they are going to heaven and have a personal relationship with the Lord. They had never heard of it. I asked if they would like to make such a commitment and know that they know that they know that they are saved and ask Jesus to direct their lives. They both instantly said yes and I ran around behind the counter and prayed for them. It was awesome. We exchanged phone numbers, emails FB info. They were excited Nancy just kept weeping. They kept asking all sorts of questions – I said read book of John, Proverbs, Phil 4, and Bible gateway. The other Christian also gave me her contact information. It was so exciting!

Nancy’s mother who has been praying for her daughter’s salvation and I are now FB friends and have been in contact a lot (she lives in Hawaii – thank you God for FB).

Nov. 14, 2013 –Blessed to be a Blessing

About 6 or 8 years ago God told me there’s no such thing as a wrong number. At that time I had an 800 line and I was one digit away from a number that was advertised for getting a CD for people with anxiety disorders. You would not believe the God appointments! I’ll tell you more in other postings!

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I LOVE TELEMARKETERS! (Although sometimes they drive me crazy cause the calls are so frequent) I’m a telemarketer too but it’s business to business! I don’t call you at home – I get calls out of the KAZOO especially because I’m listed as a business as well as a personal line; I do call from home (double whammy so to speak).

The ones calling my business, Executive TeleConnections, are either wanting a job or want me to buy lists with contact information. I can’t help with hiring them for a job or buy lists from them, but I can do something better – I can share Jesus and pray for them. I have had COUNTLESS opportunities to Bless and love these people! They’re honestly looking to be gainfully employed!

Just now I rec’d a call – I didn’t catch his name but he was calling from a company that supplies company lists for telemarketing companies! I told him that I’m the caller and my clients supply me with the lists – a very specific industry. Then I told him that I pray that the next call he makes that they will need what he is selling desperately. I continued with a prayer and shared that he has a very nice way about him and I prayed that he is successful. With a quake in his voice he said “GOD BLESS YOU – I really needed that!!” I asked him if He was a Believer, a Christian and he said YES! And I encouraged him to stay strong.

Please pray for this brother to succeed. And perhaps you can bless the telemarketers with an encouraging word even when you don’t want to use their services. Love and blessings to you my brothers and sisters!


God showed me looong time ago that HIS LOVE can be IMPARTED with a HUG!

I have had the experience many times when I saw a hurting woman or girl and hugged her TIGHTLY that the Lord ministered even without any words – (and of course it comes back to me as well  

This morning I was exercising at Curves and a beautiful woman, Sister Tomasita, who suffered a stroke a year or more ago, came walking in with a limp! I jumped up, ran to the door and hugged her tight as I hadn’t seen her in a while. She told me that when I HUG her she feels GOD IS HUGGING HER! (Are we not the arms, hands, mouthpieces – AMBASSADORS of JESUS, OF our Heavenly Father extended on this earth). Tomasita wouldn’t let go and neither would I – makes me weep y’all! Such a small gesture such a BIG IMPACT ON BOTH OF US! It made my day!

Tomasita is an amazing woman. One time she was all alone during a certain holiday – doesn’t have family around – not sure all the details (she’s probably in her 40s) BUT she DIDN”T and DOESN’T EVER FEEL SORRY FOR HERSELF. She says that she has HER WONDERFUL SAVIOR and HE GIVES HER PEACE AND JOY! AND THAT JOY EMANATES FROM HER BEAUTIFUL FACE! (I repent Lord for my pitiful attitude at times – I HAVE SO MUCH TO BE GRATEFUL FOR – THANK YOU LORD!)

As I was leaving Curves – we HUGGED again (and of course I FEEL GOD HUGGING ME WHEN SHE HUGS ME TOO!) I commented how much better she’s walking and talking and she gave GOD the GLORY and precious woman PRAYED FOR ME!!

Please pray with me for Sister T. I believe she’s from Mexico and that is perhaps why she doesn’t have family here. I will try to connect with her when I come back from Ohio! (GIVE SOMEONE A HUG

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The FIRE of GOD shot through the PHONE LINES Feb. 15, 2013


I just had the most incredible experience while I was on a call to cancel my credit card with one provider. On that bill I had a $25 charge from a book company for a membership that I wanted to cancel! I was connected by the Card company operator to the book company and Josephine, a Nigerian woman (lives in Michigan), helped me with taking off the charge!

As we were talking, right in the beginning of our conversation, the FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT shot through me, hit me hard so I said “Josephine, wait I’ve got to stop talking about the charge on the credit card for a second because God is telling me about you. I’ve got to share it.” She said OK and sounded STUNNED and EXCITED! “God says HE wants to use you mightily. You know the Lord and you are also spirit-baptized and God wants you to increase in that area because he wants to use you mightily”. She said EXCITED and half STUTTERING “I wish YOU LIVED HERE and you could come and LAY HANDS on ME!”

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The Lord continued speaking through me “people are drawn to you and they respond to you but God intends to use you more mightily than you have ever imagined. He wants you to surround yourself with on-fire Christians to spark each other.” I told her about Ignite the Fire Ministry. She said “you don’t know how much this means to me because what you’re telling me is confirming what has been spoken over me. You don’t know how much that means to me!!!!!” She said “I’m getting GOOSEBUMPS ALL OVER ME! – yes, I’m Charismatic.” Here and there she started praying in tongues – not too loud cause there were other operators near her – I could hear a little chatter in the background!

Telling y’all the FIRE WAS HOT! Josephine said that since she’s moved or changed jobs she doesn’t have access to a charismatic church but definitely wants to go there. I gave her my phone number and she will call me! Then I will send her testimonies of our team!!


Divine Appointment March 15, 2013

Beautifully ‘shocked’ by this precious God appointment.

Write your testimony y’all! God can use it bountifully.

I was in a store and Robert, early 30’s was helping me solve some computer problems. At the end I gave him 3 testimonies – Mine, about my salvation; Reggie’s, about how God helped him support a family of 9, on found hubcaps! And the third one, Courtney’s entitled “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven but nobody wants to Die!”

I don’t usually talk about Courtney’s testimony to men cause it’s very sensitive, but, instead of talking about my testimony or Reggie’s, I was deeply impressed and compelled to talk about Wanda/Courtney’s testimony regarding Courtney’s home-going at the tender age of 16 – – read her testimony on my website.

I said “Robert, almost everybody knows somebody who has lost a child or a close family member” and he got very quiet & said in a low voice “I lost my sister when I was 7.” I thought I misheard him cause earlier he said that he started playing with computers when he was 7. I asked him to say it again and TEARS welled in his eyes and when I asked how old she was he said his sister was 2. I asked if that impacted him when he was 7 and he shook his head ‘no’ & I said “does it now?’ and he said ‘yes” I would have hugged him but didn’t sense that I was to do that “but I told him that i would pray for him” and he thanked me.

Now I know that I’m supposed to call Robert sometime soon and tell him that “Your little sister is in heaven having a wonderful time with the Lord!”

image from Roger Walter –

I thought of something that Wanda told me regarding a conversation she had with Courtney just before she went to be with the Lord! Courtney was very sad as she was riding in the car with her mom Wanda and said “Mom, the only thing that makes me so sad is that I’m never going to have a baby” Wanda fought back the tears and all of a sudden God gave her this to say “But think Courtney, you’re going to take care of all the babies that went to Heaven before their mommies – then their mommies will see them when they get to heaven!” And Courtney was satisfied and said “OK!”

I am crying like a baby right now. I’m so grateful that Wanda was obedient to the Lord and Celebrated Courtney’s life by writing this testimony. I know the God appointment with Robert with Courtney’s testimony in hand might turn his life around in every area! Only God knew! HALLELUJAH!

SHARING CHRIST DAILY – blog from 5/24/2017

Tears Flowing in the Hobby Lobby parking lot!

After shopping at Hobby Lobby with a few divine appts. in the store, a mommy with a beautiful baby and two employees, I headed out to the parking lot with my goodies! I always back up my car to park so I was able to watch a precious young woman, mid to late 30s carry a very large wooden poster; the gist of what was written is that we all look for the good in each other through God’s eyes! Immediately I felt compelled to drive toward her car as she closed her trunk and opened her car door getting ready to leave I jumped out of my car and Yelled: “Wait a minute, wait a minute!!” and she saw me and smiled — I said “I LOVE the sign you were carrying and I felt the Lord wanted me to tell you! Bless you sister, it’s about the Lord!” She was shy, beautiful face and spirit, a young woman who looked at me somewhat AMAZED with a BIG SMILE! Then the Holy Spirit gave me a Word for her “You don’t think that you have so much to offer in the kingdom of God because you have compared yourself to others who are much more verbal than you are and you wondered if you make an impact. The Lord showed me that you make a tremendous difference because wherever you go you bring a beautiful peace!” Tears started rushing down her face — she said breathlessly “You’re making me cry”. I continued to tell her how very beautiful and precious she is to the Lord and whether she knows it or not, God is using that quiet spirit of hers to impact others in many ways. I can’t count how many times we hugged — I just kept reaching out and she was so responsive. I gave her the packet of testimonies somewhere in the midst of this interaction and she said a very sincere thank you that I stopped to talk to her. Let’s Encourage Our brothers and sisters to be everything God wants them to be!!! I felt a flood of God’s love everywhere! Thank you Jesus!